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About 3 Sisters Pet Services

My name is Melissa Martin and I am the founder and operator of 3 Sisters Pet Services. In 2021, I launched my business in honor of my 3 daughters and out of my passion for animals. I stepped aside from being an environmental lawyer so I could spend my days caring for animals. I love the fact that as sisters my girls will always have each other. Family is so important in life, and you will never have anything as special. The bond my daughters have as sisters is amazing. Watching them grow is a joy. I am so excited to start this new journey and work hard towards my goals.
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I grew up in Charles County, MD with my family, including my mom (Helen Farmer), Dad (Jim Farmer) and younger brother, James Farmer. Our parents loved dogs and nature, so we grew up with an appreciation for our surrounding environment. My parents also instilled in me that hard work and ethics will go a long way in life and that has always been important to me. In high school my first real job was at a dog kennel, which started growing my passion for animals, especially dogs. My jobs over the next few years through college and after graduation included working at an emergency vet clinic, a wildlife rehabilitation clinic, Airy Hill Stables, and Kent County Soil and Water Conservation District. Each one of these jobs helped grow my passion for animals and the environment.
After law school, I married and had 3 beautiful girls, Eleni (11), Alexis (8), and Anastasia (4). Being a working mom in a very competitive field was not easy. I am now a divorced single mother but work closely with my ex-husband on raising our girls. After 15 years in the legal field, my position and role changed over the years. In 2019, I became the Senior Director for Healthcare Policy and although I was proud of my accomplishments as an attorney there comes a time when it is time to move forward. During COVID, I started fostering for animal rescue groups and loved knowing that I was doing something so good for these animals.

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